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Candleholder -serial MS-

A series of candlesticks created by formadimarmo, combines the sculptural nature of the object and the attractive beauty of simple geometric shapes. The combination of two different materials, brass and marble, contrast and complement each other.

Marble has sufficient properties for the base and a unique pattern. It is born by nature for many centuries and is considered a work of nature’s art. “Material of the gods” was what the ancients called it.
Metal is good for a strong connection of various elements. It is quite durable and resistant to the environment. It also resembles gold, which adds sophistication to the interior.

The parts of the candlestick are very firmly connected to each other. The diameter of the connection point is very small, which creates a striking effect.
This item is made in limited quantities, under the order. You can order a candlestick by sending a letter by e-mail, indicating the color of the marble. Three colors are available for ordering: white (carrara), red (rosso levante), black (nero portoro). The specifications of the object: height of about 90 mm, a width of the bottom of about 80 mm, hole candle 22 mm.